Brighton Glass in Michigan

Brighton Glass in Michigan

Brighton, MI – There are few companies you can trust with your home windows and doors glass. One of them is Kosin’s Glass, a company serving all over southeast Michigan communities including Brighton, Michigan. Kosin’s Glass provides glass services to residential, commercial and automotive markets. You can also get energy star replacement windows for your home. The windows are made with fiberglass frame which are more durable and longer lasting that other types of windows. If you break an insulated glass window, you can have that replaced. Glass repair is typically available in certain situations, such as automobile glass windshield chips. Most other glass repair is really just replacing the glass. Your glass company would come out and take measurements then return days later with the glass unit, at which time he/she would install the new insulated glass pane.There’s a Brighton glass website you can visit for more information.

World Slimmest and Most Energy Efficient Folding Glass Wall

NanaWall to display most energy-efficient, slimmest folding glass wall at American Institute of Architects Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  – Commercial Glass May 13, 2015

In another move that will redefine what is possible in architecture and design, NanaWall Systems will present the thinnest profile, most energy-efficient opening glass wall on the market—the new NanaWall SL80/81 Folding Series—at the 2015 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo in Atlanta on May 14-16, 2015 at booth 2659. With an ultra-thin profile, unparalleled thermal performance and virtually unlimited configuration options―including inward or outward opening, the system promises to create entirely new possibilities in residential and commercial applications.

“Our new SL80/81 Folding Series is so thin, it must be seen to be appreciated,” notes NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. “The folding panels are the narrowest available at just 1-7/8 inches wide, yet individual panels can be specified up to ten feet tall and more than three feet wide. Furthermore, with a triple insulated core, this folding system is extremely energy efficient.”

NanaWall SL80/81 Folding Series is an aluminum framed, thermally broken folding system which allows for expansive glass walls and broad vistas when opened. The SL80 features a smooth rounded frame profile, compared to the angular profile of the SL81.

The SL80 and SL81 are the most energy efficient of its kind on the market and are rated, certified and labeled National Fenestration Rating Council 100/200 and are able to meet Energy Star standards. The system also excels at air and water resistance as well as superior sound insulation.

Cobblestone Homes of Freeland Awarded Energy Star From EPA

Cobblestone Homes of Freeland Awarded Energy Star From EPA

FREELAND, MI — Cobblestone Homes, a builder currently featured in the Home Builders Association of Saginaw’s spring Parade of Homes, recently earned one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s top honors.

Cobblestone and Consumers Energy received the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award, which recognizes businesses that uphold high standards of energy efficiency and consumer education, according to a Cobblestone news release.

As a participating builder in the Consumers Energy New Home Construction Program, Cobblestone built homes that were certified to the latest ENERGY STAR standards and approved by Consumers Energy in 2014, the release states.

Cobblestone officials say the company “is committed to building comfortable, durable and healthy high-performance homes.”

Jackson-based Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest utility, provides natural gas and electricity to 6.6 million people in all 68 counties in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. It offers an array of residential and business energy efficiency programs including ENERGY STAR-certified products, home construction and management strategies for buildings, the release states.

Home Builders look to energy star rated windows and doors to help them achieve Energy Star ratings from the Environmental Protection Agency for the homes they build. On homes with older windows, there are many options that help a home become closer to Energy Star standards, including Energy Star Replacement Windows.

See Mlive for other details.

Intertape Polymer Group Awarded 2015 Energy Star Partner of the Year

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Intertape Polymer Group with the 2015 Energy Star Partner of the Year – Energy Management Award for the company’s outstanding efforts to improve energy efficiency.

This is the second consecutive year Intertape, which has a manufacturing plant and distribution center in Danville, has received the award. The company’s accomplishments were recognized in Washington, D.C., on April 20.

An Energy Star partner since 2009, Intertape was honored for its work to integrate and promote tools and resources within its energy management program to help lower energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

“We value this achievement with high regard in our company,” said Greg Yull, president and chief executive officer of Intertape. “I’m proud of the effort of our employees to be more energy efficient and protect the environment.”

Intertape received recognition for broadening its energy program throughout the corporation while strengthening its partnership with Energy Star.

Capstone Buildind Corporation Received Energy Star from U.S. EPA

Capstone Building Corporation of Birmingham recently received the Energy Star from the EPA for it’s contributions to The Jefferson, a multi-family residential development in New Britain, Connecticut. Energy Star is an environmental designation given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Pennrose Properties, LLC partnered with Capstone on the multi-family, residential home development project. Pennrose Properties LLC is a real estate development and residential property management company located in Philadelphia, PA.

Energy Star is a voluntary EPA program that helps businesses and homeowners save money and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

The Jefferson passed a list of criteria tested by third-party inspectors to receive the Energy Star certification, according to the news release. Inspection areas include use of power and water, air quality, HVAC testing and building air infiltration. Windows and Doors are also factors in Energy Star rating from EPA, although further break down of the criteria was not provided.

Capston was founded in 1997, and has been involved in over $1.2 billion in construction of multi-family housing, according to the firm’s web site.

Snyder Pushes Energy Star Ratings For 8 Facilities

LANSING –  Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration working to obtain Energy Star certifications from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for eight state facilities, or about 20 percent of state buildings.

Energy Star certifications are given to buildings that meet certain qualifications for energy efficiency. Snyder said in a statement Wednesday the eight facilities are meeting the EPA benchmark for being more efficient than 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide.  For the complete story visit Snyder Wants Energy Star Rating for 8 Facilities

Energy Star Replacement Windows and Doors Save You Money

Fiberglass Frame Windows and Doors are ENERGY STAR® qualified: The highest industry rating for energy performance

The cost of heating and cooling the indoors continues to rise across the United States, even as natural gas extraction is exploding throughout the country. Propane, fuel oil, natural gas and even firewood in some areas, costs more. People are working to cut energy costs any way possible. Improving the home’s insulation is one method. Installing a more efficient furnace is another. However one area gaining much more attention now, in addition to better insulation, is better windows and doors. Replacing older windows and doors with new, higher quality energy star qualified replacement windows and entry doors can make a significant reduction in energy costs as well as indoor comfort depending on how bad current windows and doors function to control heat loss or gain.
A company in Michigan offers an excellent replacement window and door product made of fiberglass. Every ENERGY STAR® qualified window, door, and skylight is independently tested and certified to perform at levels that meet or exceed strict energy efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Department of Energy. The fiberglass framed windows can be ordered with specific insulated glass packages that meet and/or exceed the energy star performance qualifications.
Most people don’t know it, but ENERGY STAR® requirements for windows and doors are different according to the climate zone in particular. The windows and doors are made for Michigan’s climate zone specifically, so folks know their replacement windows and doors are the correct ENERGY STAR specifications for Michigan homes and businesses.
Choosing energy star qualified replacement windows adds comfort: Stop window drafts in the winter season as well as unduly hot rooms in the summer. Using fiberglass frame windows and doors that meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines means you will feel more comfortable in all seasons. The interior glass on the windows and doors stays warmer in the colder winter months, which is saying a lot these days, while heat gain in the warmer summer months is reduced.
Energy Star Windows and Doors Reduce Energy Costs: According to some sources, ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors can save from to 7% up to 24% on energy costs. Of course your savings depends on your home size, location and other factors associated with current windows. In some cases much more significant savings can be achieved, such as correction of terribly poor current window installation. We’ve been in homes where the draft around windows was significant due to poor installation. When corrected during replacement window upgrades, the savings went well beyond the typical range. So these statistics are compared to non-qualified products where installation is done correctly in both the old replacement windows as well as the new energy star replacement windows. You will save money because your home will use less energy to keep you comfortable and that reduces your energy consumtion impact on the environment as well as saving you money month after month.
It’s true, Energy Star Windows and Doors Do Protect Valuables A great added benefit of ENERGY STAR® qualified glass is the protection it provides for your art, whether paintings or prints, furniture, carpeting, wood floors, and other valuables. Energy Star qualified windows and doors protect all of these things and more from fading and discoloring caused by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. Energy Star qualified windows and doors incorporate glass coatings which function to block UV light, almost like a sunscreen, and protects your home’s interior.

Energy Efficient Ideas from Marion County Businesses

Looking for ways to save energy? How about reducing waste? Reusing materials is one way to conserve and promote green practices. Less in the land fill. Over 38 Businesses, residents and organizations in Marion county were nominated for the fifth annual Mid-Valley Green Awards. The nominees use a variety of ways to promote “green” practices, also known as earth-friendly practices or eco-friendly practices. Practices range from water conservation to reducing energy consumption, reusing waste, reusing materials, and more.

There are winners of seven categories in the Mid-Valley Green Awards and were honored on March 1 at their annual awards dinner held at Salem Convention Center.

Propane Prices Returning To Normal

The Midwest was hit hard this heating season for those relying propane. There was a shortage of propane due to shipping it overseas and because of  a burst pipeline in Canada. Midwest state Governors pleaded with the federal government to pause some regulations that made the situation worse. There’s a law that tankers in the US have to US flagged in order to pick up and deliver within the US. That left many available tankers in the US, but flagged overseas, unable to pick up and deliver relief supplies. Protectionist policies in action often result in hardships for citizens. Fortunately enough uproar was heard to produce some changes, even if temporary. A lot of Midwesterners are looking forward to propane supplies returning to normal. Saving on energy is easy, look to energy star rated products for your home improvement projects. Energy star replacement windows, doors, and skylights can help you cut energy costs year round.

Energy Saving Skylights

When spring finally arrives, windows and skylights across the country will open, as happy homeowners revel in all that sunshine and warm, fresh air. But before you can savor spring, you still have weeks of winter to get through. You can use that time wisely to ensure all your home’s windows, skylights and doors are in good working order – and ready for action when spring arrives.

We’re getting closer to spring, which is sure to bring a euphoric happiness to most of the United State. Sunshine and warmer days will be surely welcomed. Along with the warmer weather, comes some spring time home maintenance. Windows, skylights (the ones that open) and doors will be opened, letting in long awaited fresh warm air. This is a good time to review what needs to be done to keep your skylights in good order.

Skylights and Windows require annual maintenance to keep them in proper working condition and to maximize their lives and to help keep energy costs down. Skylights let in a lot of sunshine, and that sunshine can be converted into a natural, free heat source we all would love to enjoy in the cold months. But in the summer, those skylights work the opposite effect, causing excessive heat to enter the home and requiring the air conditioner to work extra hard. How do you reduce the energy costs associated with skylights in your home? First, always seek out Energy Star certified windows, doors and skylights when looking for new or replacement products. For skylights, be sure to look for blinds that work with your skylights. Electric operated blinds are ideal because of their ease of use, but they’re also more expensive to purchase and more expensive to have installed. If you want the benefit of blinds for skylights, but you need to keep the costs down, another option is to use an extension pole to operate your open/close function. It’s a simple solution that works, but you’ll need to find a safe place to keep your extension pole.

All windows, doors and skylights that have pre-finished wood frames should be inspected every year before spring. If there are signs of peeling, cracking or fading, it will need to be refinished. Always refinish  or repaint following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. For skylights, be sure the exterior fasteners are properly secured and check the cladding and flashing to be sure it’s isn’t too worn, look for wear and tear and scratches. If any cladding or flashing is damaged be sure to replace it asap.

For those with fresh air skylights, known as “venting” skylights, inspect the mechanism that opens and closes the sash. Open the skylight or skylights. If the skylight is electric-powered, open it and then turn off the power. Inspect it and clean the parts using a clean dry towel on the chain. Use of cleaner or solvent is not appropriate. Skylights that have blinds should be inspected to be sure they are working correctly as well. Skylights with blinds are more energy efficient but do require some extra inspection and maintenance from time to time. If your skylights don’t include blinds, this is an excellent time to install them.

Some skylight blinds are remote controlled and powered by solar energy. These are pretty awesome. Velux manufactures one such solar-powered skylight with blind that’s easy to open and close and when sun hits that area of the roof the blind is closed. This is literally a cool design, as it can improve the skylight’s energy efficiency by up to 45%. There is a 30% Federal tax credit available on the solar powered skylights, blinds and even the installation, which makes getting them now a smart decision.

Proper annual maintenance can extend the life of skylights, but these don’t last forever. The best made skylights will eventually require replacement. If your older skylights are leaking, offer poor energy efficiency or are otherwise at or nearing the end of their life-cycle, now is a great time to replace them with an Energy Star qualified model. You may improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your monthly heating and cooling expenses and prevent or stop harmful leaks while improving the look and function of the skylights. Don’t forget that 30 percent Federal tax credit, either. It’s not often you get that kind of gift from the government.